Read about campaign officers for Team Lissa.

To volunteer, contact me here at this link.  

About volunteering for Team Lissa

We need your help. Even just 10 minutes a day could make a difference! And not just to this campaign, but to our whole state. If we want a government that works for all West Virginians, we need to reach out even in small districts like mine. If your district has a great representative, he or she still needs help in the legislature from other delegates who care about their constituents rather than their donors.

If you want to help WV progressives, then here’s what you can do in just 10 minutes:

  • Donate to Team Lissa. If every visitor to this site—just since Sept 2016 when we started—donated $10, I would have a genuinely ridiculous amount of money, enough to run for Congress. I kid you not. You guys rock, thank you for visiting this website and helping it get such a huge, humbling reach. But if you like what we’re doing, please help us continue with a small donation.
  • HOLLER at your representatives by completing one of our quick, 5-minute Calls to Action. They need to know what consequences they’re visiting upon our communities—and they must understand that we’re paying attention and demanding better!
  • Subscribe to the Appalachian Oracle. We’re all sick of hearing Manchin, McKinley, and other representatives lie and say we want what they’re giving us, when they’re actually working for donors, not voters. So subscribe to the “Voice of the Hollers!” If you already subscribe, encourage others to do so, and forward the Oracle to people who need to read it.
  • Like me on Facebook. Comment and interact on my Facebook posts. Ask me questions. The more you talk to me, the more people will see the posts and hear our voices.
  • Follow and retweet me on Twitter. Let me know what you think. Republican, Democrat, Mountain Party, Libertarian, Independent. I want to hear you

Registered WV Dems should get involved with the state party to make it better.  Sign the petition from Summers County Democrats asking state Chair Belinda Biafore step down. Or get behind Belinda if you think she’s the one to lead us in the direction of our progressive platform. We need a leadership that supports our principles—but we won’t get it unless we get involved with the political process and stay active and informed.

To VOLUNTEER, contact me.

Let me know what you’re good at, and how you want to help. If you don’t want to make phone calls or knock doors, we’ll find something else. Help us pull together blog posts and calls-to-action. Help us create art for the campaign—or help us arrange more public meetings or house parties to meet and talk to regular people. Help us stuff door-hanger bags; help us send thank you notes. Effective management means you put people in positions where they can use their best talents and enjoy the work.

I promise: even if you just have one hour, one time, your effort will help, and will be appreciated.