United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) has endorsed Lissa Lucas for WV House of Delegates in District 7.

Lissa knows there’s a huge difference between supporting coal miners and coal barons… and she understands that miners and mining communities deserve better.

“This is a simple equation for our members in West Virginia,” UMWA International President Cecil E. Roberts said. “They will stand by the candidates who stand by our 35,000 active and retired members and their families.

“They asked: ‘Which candidates will vote to stop the ongoing assault on miners’ health and safety?’” Roberts said. “‘Which candidates will support our retirees’ fight to secure the pensions they have earned? Which candidates will stand up for working families in West Virginia in the face of a sustained campaign by out of state billionaires and their minions in Charleston to roll back decades of progress?’

“Those who best answered those questions received the State Council’s endorsement,” Roberts said. “We wholeheartedly support these candidates”…

See the full announcement on the UMWA website.