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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018



Here are some individuals and groups who have endorsed Lissa Lucas. To endorse, please contact us.

AFL-CIO endorses Lissa Lucas

"The AFL-CIO is not a partisan organization," Lissa points out, noting that state teachers showed how West Virginia's long tradition of a strong labor movement "represents workers who are Democrats, Republicans, members of third parties, and members of no party. Yet the fight for fair pay and worker protection is often placed in a partisan framework, dividing us where we most need to be united."

United Mine Workers of America endorses Lissa Lucas

Lissa knows there's a huge difference between supporting coal miners and coal barons, and she understands that miners and mining communities deserve better.

Manypenny Endorses Lissa Lucas

"I know Lissa will make a great Delegate and do what's right, not only for her neighbors and her district, but for all of West Virginia."

Claytor Endorses Lissa Lucas

Mary Ann Claytor has endorsed Lissa Lucas for WV House of Delegates, District 7, in 2018. "We both want to make this state a better place," Claytor explains.

Pritt Endorses Lissa Lucas

"I truly believe Lissa Lucas is one of the smartest and most principled persons I have ever met. I will help her in any way that I can," Pritt explained.