Campaign Manager – Natalie Thiele (Democrat)

Natalie was a county delegate to the WV Democratic Convention in 2016. She’s a part-time instructor at Glenville State College, and active in the Glenville Democratic Women’s Club, the Friends of the Gilmer Public Library, and the Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance. She’s also a mom who enjoys rock hounding, crocheting, and writing fiction for fun.

She’s also mad about where our state is going, and how little our public servants seem to care. “It can feel like we’re fighting these life-and-death battles—crushing poverty, childhood hunger, inadequate health care, rapacious extraction industries, epidemic opioid addiction—alone , with no support, or even consideration, from our public servants.”

She adds, “In fact, our elected officials sometimes openly mock us, or tell us with a smile how wonderful it is that they have sold away some new part of our health, wealth, or peace of mind. But living in West Virginia should not be making people sick.”

Natalie wants to see a legislature that will work for voters, not donors, which is why she’s volunteering her time to help Lissa get elected.


Field Director- Jarred Parrott (Independent Democrat)

Jarred is a veteran. He spent 12 years as an intelligence agent in the US Navy, including two stints to Afghanistan and four years living in England. He currently works for the FBI in Clarksburg as a contractor, and is also completing an MBA from WVU. He’s volunteering because he says he wants “to leave the world, the US, and WV a better place for my three year old son.”

Jarred wants to reach out to all the small communities in this district, and like many other Independents in Lissa’s team, recently #DemEnter -ed, changing his party affiliation.

Jarred is helping direct Team Lissa’s ground game.

Endorsement and Development Chair – Justin Raines (Independent Democrat)

Justin has a dozen years of experience working on natural gas drilling rigs and three years paving highways. He’s now gone back to college and is currently an environmental science student as well as President of the Glenville State College Student Environmental Organization. Justin enjoys hunting, fishing, and native botany.

“I once wrestled a bear for money, and that bear went on to become the President of Russia, but it will never, ever forget the fear it felt in my iron grip,” Justin said, when asked for a quote.

 Communications Coordinator – April Keating (Democrat)

April is a tutor and mentor at West Virginia Wesleyan College. She’s also president of the Mountain Lakes Preservation Alliance, an organization advocating for clean water and air, clean energy, and protection from fossil fuel extraction for WV citizens, including exploited extraction workers and communities.

“I’m working to make the world a better place for my three children,” she explains.

The daughter of musicians, she loves music and dance. She also writes on a freelance basis.

Outreach Liaison- Lyn Scott Bordo (Independent Democrat)

For more than 30 years, Lyn worked in Post Offices in the this area, including those in Auburn, Harrisville, Pennsboro, Cairo, and West Union. She has also served as a local midwife. She is now retired.

Tragically, Lyn’s once peaceful home is on the lip of Antero’s proposed industrial zone and frackwaste landfill.  Lyn is a great listener, and understands how gas and oil have benefited people here—and also how it has made us victims. We should all be benefiting. No one should be sacrificed.

“After six generations in Ritchie County, my children now feel forced out by extraction interests. They say there’s nothing here for them, and I want to change that,” says Lyn.

Lyn will be advising Team Lissa on local outreach.

Fulfillment Coordinator – Jeanne Peters (Unknown affiliation)

Jeanne Peters is a small business owner in neighboring Wood County—in Vienna, WV, where Lissa grew up, and is active with Wood County Indivisible, and Fairness WV.

Jeanne will be handing mailing and fulfillment for Team Lissa promotional items.

Design and Branding Manager – Alan Smith (Independent Democrat)

Alan is a professional graphic designer with more than a quarter of a century of design experience, and is Lissa’s husband. Alan enjoys target practice, brewing beer, playing chess, and nerdy games. (It’s a perfect match with Lissa!)

“I don’t want to give you a quote, make something up,” said Alan.

He’s volunteering—or has been volunteered?—to produce many of the graphic elements for the campaign.

Events Consultant – Ann Fissel (Independent Democrat)

Ann lives in Ritchie County WV. Although she was born outside the state, her family was originally from Ritchie County, so she and her husband moved here to enjoy a more rural environment when raising their four kids. She is a compassionate person, an amazing gourmet cook, and she throws the best parties in the county. She has also volunteered a lot of time working to make Saturdays on the Square and other local events successful.

Ann will be advising the campaign on local events.

Positions still open:


Social Media Chair

Social Media Assistants

Database manager



Phone bankers

To apply, please contact me and let me know what position you’re interested in, and why that job is something you’re good at, and something you’d love.