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Who is buying elections in Ritchie and Pleasants Counties in West Virginia ? 


  • Harshbarger average donation (2016): $491
  • Lucas average donation (2018) as of 10-29-17: $31

As of 10-29-17, the WV Secretary of State’s office has posted reports only up to March 31, 2017.  Reports on their site will likely be updated some time in the spring of 2018.

My opponent’s average donation for the 2016 cycle was almost $500, and about 40% of his contributions came from Big Energy interests. Could that be why he co-sponsored a bill that would have allowed gas and oil workers the “Right to Trespass” on your property without your permission?

By contrast, as of 11-10-17, my average donation is just $30. ALL donations to Team Lissa have come from individuals, not PACs or SuperPACs.

I’m funded by YOU, so I’ll stand for YOU—and I’ll stand for YOUR PROPERTY RIGHTS.