The AFL-CIO has endorsed Lissa Lucas for WV House of Delegates in District 7.

“The AFL-CIO is not a partisan organization,” Lissa points out, noting that state teachers showed how West Virginia’s long tradition of a strong labor movement “represents workers who are Democrats, Republicans, members of third parties, and members of no party. Yet the fight for fair pay and worker protection is often placed in a partisan framework, dividing us where we most need to be united.”

Lissa believes that your hard work should be able to support your family. That’s why we not only need MORE jobs for rural areas, we need good jobs. We need higher wages, good benefits, and safe working conditions for our families and neighbors.

“Where union membership is strong, even non-union workers have higher wages, because other employers have to compete,” Lissa explains. “And union members are 28% more likely to have health insurance from their employers, and more than 50% more likely to have pensions. The data shows we’re just better off with strong unions. ”

“We’re seeing a great field of pro-working family candidates in 2018, and are feeling very optimistic about this election,” West Virginia AFL-CIO President Josh Sword said. “Our members are energized and excited about getting to work to help the candidates who want to lift up West Virginia working families by advocating for fair wages, good benefits and a safe workplace.”

See the full announcement on the AFL-CIO website.