Different names, same positions. Different faces, same owners. That’s what we have right now.

Photo of Lissa Lucas for WV House of Delegates
Lissa Lucas

From both sides of the aisle, politicians are representing their own interests. We know that the rich and powerful have nearly complete influence over public policy, while average people have virtually zero impact. Are we an oligarchy rather than a democracy? There is some debate. However you would characterize it, it’s clear there are some serious problems, and that those problems have to do with the fact that money buys power.

I’m running for WV House of Delegates, District 7.  That’s Ritchie County and most of Pleasants. If elected in 2018, I’ll represent the people here, not just special interests. I’ll represent my neighbors, and yours. I’ll represent you—and not just when your needs happen to coincide with the needs of these special interest groups.

Essentially, that’s why I’ve decided to run: because when voters are not being given real choices, we have to do more than just vote.

Here’s what I’m focused on:

  • Priorities: Because we want good jobs, good roads, good I-net, good schools.
  • Common sense: Because we can’t keep paying for more than we get.
  • Property rights: Because we want good neighbors, not corporate invaders.
  • Money out of politics: Because working hard shouldn’t make you second class.

I will have about zero money to run with, I suspect, because I don’t care if I offend the people who have it by telling them, “No, I’m not abandoning my neighbors just so you can have even more.” And I also don’t really care if I offend party elites by saying, “No. I’m not putting this party over the interests of the people.”

We’ll have a choice to have our voices heard this time. I hope all the money on the other side doesn’t drown me out.

I will represent the people, always.

Vote Lissa Lucas, WV House of Delegates, District 7, in 2018.