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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018

Petition: Don’t let Antero’s Frack Dump Poison Ritchie County, WV!

Antero's frack dump has been purposefully sited in the peripheral zone of concern for the drinking water intake for about a third of the population of Ritchie County.

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Cancer Creek #Blowback for WVMA members

It's time to contact the WVMA member companies pushing for #CancerCreek pollution in our streams. Et tu, Mister Bee?

12 Urgent Questions for Manchin – Open Letter to Cenk Uygur

You won't BELIEVE the questions WVians demand to have answered!

Rigged to Sacrifice Regular People

Governor Justice's administration is jamming through the Antero Frackwaste dump, that will threaten so many families with the same sort of future that Minden, WV, is experiencing right now. 

Seven Years Without Water

People are without water, and our representatives are blind to them. Is a lack of potable, running water really something that citizens of the United States, folks who live right here in the richest country in the world, should be having to fight for, all alone?

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