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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018

Petition: Don’t let Antero’s Frack Dump Poison Ritchie County, WV!

Antero's frack dump has been purposefully sited in the peripheral zone of concern for the drinking water intake for about a third of the population of Ritchie County.

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The Opioid Abuse Epidemic in WV

You can't beat addiction with "put down the cookie" willpower.

Facts about the Justice Road Bond

Let's talk FACTS about the Justice Road Bond, then share YOUR thoughts.

How WV Can Relieve Student Loan Burden, Improve our Business Environment, and Attract Educated Workers

Into WV Code §46A-2-130, we simply need to add a 2(d): "Garnishment for student loan debt that cannot be discharged by bankruptcy is prohibited." BOOM.

My heritage is not a statue

My great-great-great grandmother, Virginia Jackson Marshall (1846 - 1938), was second cousin to Stonewall Jackson. As a member of this extended family of people, I can tell you what I'd prefer: Take the monument to Stonewall Jackson down.

Commentary on an industry puff-piece: It’s not easy being “green”

The sheer amount of flim-flam—starting with the big-fibber title and escalating until the downright cruel PR spin on behalf of Antero’s frack dump—is hard to address. There’s just so much of it, and almost all of it is disingenuous and meant to muddle.

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