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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018

Property Rights

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown...

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Open letter: Screw You, Frank Rich.

You wrote,"Let them reap the consequences... until the industrial poisons left unregulated by their favored politicians finish them off altogether."

POLL: Vote for the Worst WV Legislators this Session

Who are the worst WV legislators from the 2017 session? Vote, then view the results.

CTA: Demand Gov. Justice uphold the WV Constitution, VETO #CancerCreek, oppose #ForcedPooling

Tell Gov. Justice: VETO #CancerCreek and oppose #ForcedPooling! Protect people, not corporations!

Phone Jim Justice’s office:

Write Jim Justice a message (click here)


The New Highland Clearances: The Assault on WV Property Values

Rex Tillerson, fracker, former CEO of Exxon, and current Secretary of State, knows how important property values are. He was so concerned with the inevitable property value loss that would result from a fracking project impacting his Texas home, that he sued to avert it...

More spills: We’re NOT a Willing Sacrifice

#MoreSpillsBill: Corporations will be imposing a greater risk of chemical spills on us in order to save the money they'd otherwise have to spend ensuring our safety.

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