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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018

CTA: Say THANK YOU to Senate Dems for standing up for the Middle Class

Why should WE be told to hand our money over to millionaires? Tell the WV Senators who voted for us THANK YOU---and keep at it!

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Poll: How to Fix the WV Budget

Take the poll. Would you legalize #cannabis to help fix the budget? What else would you do?

CTA: Storm the WV DEP– “DENY Antero’s Pollution Permit”

Take 10 minutes to submit a public comment about the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit for proposed Antero Frackwaste Dump in Ritchie and Doddridge counties. The DEADLINE for comments is 5 pm on May 11;

CTA: Cancer Creek Flood of Emails – #Blowback for WV Legislators

Send an email to every WV senator and WV delegate who voted for #CancerCreek.

The Ethics of Mercy in WV

Bad behavior, or a lack of ethics, shouldn't be excusable because it comes from YOUR party, whichever party that happens to be. We'll never have a productive debate if our leaders are rewarded for indulging in this juvenile posturing, whether it's literal bull****, or merely figurative.

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