Want to Holler from the Hollers and help get the word out? If you live in West Virginia, and you’re willing to pledge to support my campaign and be CIVIL, NON-VIOLENT, REACH OUT to others, and REPORT your in-kind contribution (see below), then you have permission to…

  1. Print out copies of campaign materials (below) to hand out for free at events.
  2. Print out protest signs (below) to carry at non-violent, protests, events, and rallies.

Important note: This campaign is looking FORWARD.  Anyone who attacks regular people, regardless of what party they belong to or who they supported in the election, is wrong.  I don’t care who someone voted for in the last election. We’re all in this together. My message is one of outreach.

So, if you want permission to use these campaign tools, then you must take the pledge, and report your in-kind contribution below. Those are the ONLY terms under which you have legal permission to use these materials.

Grassroots Campaign Tools

1. Appalachian Oracle – Special Print Edition

Here is the latest PDF “Special Edition” of the Appalachian Oracle with the campaign basics, designed to be printed on two sides of a sheet of legal paper. Click on the thumbnail for a printable PDF.

The Appalachian Oracle - Special Print Edition

If you already have a copy of The Appalachian Oracle and you’re here to FACT CHECK, good for you! This latest issue contains abridged versions of the following articles:

  1. Why I’m Running
  2. West Virginia’s Priority Problem
  3. The Assault on WV Property Values

Visit each article so you can follow the links and see where facts, figures, and other information comes from. Please feel free to look around this site further. If you have questions, contact me or connect with me on social media (links to my social media pages are below in the footer area of this page).

2. Infographic

Even local folks who work in the fracking industry are against the experimental Frack Dump that Antero is placing in Ritchie county. That’s because it infringes on our property rights, decreases our property values, and it will discharge toxins in the peripheral zone of concern for Ritchie County’s public drinking water intake.

Here is a PDF INFOGRAPHIC about how Antero’s process works:

Antero Frack Dump Infographic
On that back on that infographic are excerpts and links to four stories, so folks getting the handout have a little more info. For your convenience, here are the hotlinks:

a. Antero’s radioactive waste dumped illegally in Kentucky
b. Frack waste discharged into creek causes “toxic waste” sediments
c. Frack waste shown in study to kill trees in WV forest
d. Minden, WV, riddled with cancer from polluted water

You can also Google for more information about these issues; they’ve been widely reported on.

3. Campaign Sign

Here is a protest/rally sign designed to be printed out on regular 8-1/2 by 11 inch sheets of paper. Click on the thumbnail for a printable PDF.

Campaign sign: Holler from the Hollers!

Use tape or a glue stick to attach it to cardboard or foamcore backing, and then staple or tape to a scrap piece of wood (paint stirrers work well). Others have laminated the sheets, which makes them firm enough without a backing or stick. It’s up to you, but those two ways are relatively inexpensive DIY methods.

How to Report your In-Kind Contribution

My campaign is REAL GRASSROOTS; we don’t take money from SuperPACs. We’re not being paid by energy or pharma to repeat their talking points. Instead, this campaign is representing regular people, and we’re sticking with facts. If you print out our campaign tools, though, you must report your help as “In Kind Contributions.”

An “in-kind contribution” is donating something other than money to our campaign

You can volunteer your time for free. However if you spend money to make campaign signs or print out campaign hand-outs (or rent a place to hold a rally, or buy food/drink for that rally, etc.), then those contributions MUST be reported at fair market value, and those contributions are also subject to your contribution limits.

Report every contribution. Why? Even aside from the fact that it’s legally required, we want to be able to show in our campaign finance reports how much regular people are contributing to our campaign. Every cent helps. If you print out 50 copies of the AppO at a local print shop for $5, just let us know. If you print a single copy on own your home printer for your sister, figure out how much that cost (4 cents?) and let us know.

To volunteer in other ways, like helping to door-knock, contact us, and we can help schedule that, train you, and give you addresses of people in your area whom you can contact.