Holler from the Hollers!

Lissa Lucas



With regard to our budget, we need to look not only at cost-benefit analyses, but also at who is paying the costs and who is getting the benefits. Because right now, costs are balanced on the backs of regular people while corporations and wealthy CEOs are getting the benefits. We can’t keep paying for more than we get.

WV’s Priority Problem

This year, they've wasted time repealing a film tax credit and looking at increasing the speed limit. Also, they want to open state parks to commercial logging. Are these really the things we want our legislators to prioritize right now?!! Of course not.

The Economics of Extraction Debt

No longer do Robber Barons need to plunder villages with swords and arms. With regulatory and/or judicial complicity, the extraction industry can jab a siphon into our veins and drain our lives away. They simply appropriate our air and water, and transform them into wealth for themselves. In essence, Extraction Debt is the modern weapon of corporate pillage. Launch it at a community, and watch the fiscal destruction that follows.

4 types of politicians opposing cannabis

Cannabis legalization has failed in WV under the leadership of both parties. Cannabis is NOT an issue of party, here. Who opposes legalization, then?

Four types of politicians support cannabis prohibition...