Holler from the Hollers!

Lissa Lucas


Our Vision for WV

These posts are the most important describing our vision for WV. We need common sense, wise priorities, a respect for property rights, and a real effort to get the money out of politics so our representatives will be working for voters, not corporate donors.

How WV Can Relieve Student Loan Burden, Improve our Business Environment, and Attract Educated Workers

Into WV Code §46A-2-130, we simply need to add a 2(d): "Garnishment for student loan debt that cannot be discharged by bankruptcy is prohibited." BOOM.

West Virginia of Our Dreams

We could be a state of gurgling trout fishing streams, clean swimming holes, and vast nature and hunting preserves. We have so many hiking, biking, riding, and cross-country skiing opportunities that, given this state's natural beauty, we should be a top vacation destination. Plus, we can foster real opportunities that will improve WV in the long term.