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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018



12 Urgent Questions for Manchin – Open Letter to Cenk Uygur

You won't BELIEVE the questions WVians demand to have answered!

Lissa Lucas at the Climate March (Charleston WV) Part 4 of 4

Lissa Lucas at the Climate March (Charleston, WV) Part 3 of 4

Lissa Lucas at the Climate March (Charleston WV) Part 2 of 4

Lissa Lucas at the Climate March (Charleston WV) Part 1 of 4

West Virginia Deserves Better: the False Dichotomy

How in the world can we transition to a sustainable economy if we don't invest in helping our actual people?

Dear Washington Post—With Love, from a West Virginian

Our self-interested politicians repeat industry talking points ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Then, editors, you print those talking points, as if they are somehow truer when they emerge from the mouth of a politician dependent on industry money for his or her job than they are when they come directly from the industry.

Why the WV DEP is failing WVians

They're having a tea party and serving us cups of air, telling us we're not really thirsty. They seem to be more concerned with saying the right things than with doing the right things...

The Economics of Extraction Debt

No longer do Robber Barons need to plunder villages with swords and arms. With regulatory and/or judicial complicity, the extraction industry can jab a siphon into our veins and drain our lives away. They simply appropriate our air and water, and transform them into wealth for themselves. In essence, Extraction Debt is the modern weapon of corporate pillage. Launch it at a community, and watch the fiscal destruction that follows.