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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018



Ken Ward on the Antero Project

Ken Ward writes: "When lawmakers passed and Tomblin signed a 2011 law aimed at better regulating oil and gas drilling, they weakened some provisions of it that would have provided more protections for residents near gas production operations. State officials said they would study those issues and could come back to them later. The studies were done, and recommended more protections, but the law hasn’t been updated based on the findings... "


The governor is quoted as commending Antero's project. But a quick check shows me that among his campaign donors were the President and CFO of Antero, Glen Warren Jr; Paul Rady (Chairman and CEO); his wife Katy; the Senior Vice President Steven Woodward...

Golden Days in Cairo, WV

Cairo is a small town of about 300 people.It's similar to so many other lovely towns across the state. It's also one of the towns whose water supply will be threatened by the Antero Frack Waste Disposal project.

Green Mansions in WV

WV DEP Secretary Randy Huffman actually admitted: "If I start pounding my fist, it is going to be a fruitless effort. I would become ineffective. There are too many entities at play in Charleston. If I did that, they’d laugh me out of the capitol building. It would limit my effectiveness.”

Antero: Call me, maybe

This is a company where multiple workers have died and have been seriously injured from explosions, fires--more than one--and the like. They have also contaminated drinking water wells in Doddridge County already. A lobbyist for the gas and oil industry explained, "We’re learning as we go." Antero: Gee, thanks. Please go learn on someone else.

Property Rights

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown...