Holler from the Hollers!

Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018



Dear Dirty Joe Manchin – Open Letter

I have a proposal for you, Dirty Joe. Are you willing to take the reasonable step of fighting for #MedicareForAll? Supporting the progressive WV State Democratic Platform? Fighting eminent domain for private gain...?

Rigged to Sacrifice Regular People

Governor Justice's administration is jamming through the Antero Frackwaste dump, that will threaten so many families with the same sort of future that Minden, WV, is experiencing right now. 

The Ethics of Mercy in WV

Bad behavior, or a lack of ethics, shouldn't be excusable because it comes from YOUR party, whichever party that happens to be. We'll never have a productive debate if our leaders are rewarded for indulging in this juvenile posturing, whether it's literal bull****, or merely figurative.

POLL: Vote for the Worst WV Legislators this Session

Who are the worst WV legislators from the 2017 session? Vote, then view the results.

Report: EPA pipeline reviews “Inadequate and Ineffective”

"EPA, in every case, identified important information and analyses that should have been included in the Draft Environmental Impact Statements (DEISs) but was not, assigning ratings of 'insufficient information' for each of the eighteen project reviews...."

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