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Lissa Lucas



We deserve better than being forced to choose between jobs or a healthy environment. Even those in oil and gas don’t want to have to invade or seize the properties of neighbors just to feed their kids.

Value of Statistical Life

Be aware that whenever you hear propaganda about "EPA overreach," you can be reasonably assured that the whining is originating from business interests who quite literally value your life and the lives of your children less than you do. Resource Barons prefer to frame the discussion as "higher costs" (for them) rather than accusing the EPA of valuing your life too much. When businesses and politicians talk about "EPA Overreach," they're looking at what profits can be made where your life or your child's life is just a statistic.

Fracking Thieves and Liars

Some extractors are not paying proper royalty payments, are filing fraudulent affidavits claiming mineral rights heirs are unfindable, and are using deceptive language in lease modifications and offers.

Sacrifice Zones

"It's not what they are sacrificing, it's that they have been sacrificed."

West Virginia’s Resource Curse

Frack executives have specifically stated that they site "shale gas wells away from large homes where wealthy people live and who might have the money to fight such drilling and fracking operations."

What fracking sounds like

Just in case you were wondering...

Ken Ward on the Antero Project

Ken Ward writes: "When lawmakers passed and Tomblin signed a 2011 law aimed at better regulating oil and gas drilling, they weakened some provisions of it that would have provided more protections for residents near gas production operations. State officials said they would study those issues and could come back to them later.

The studies were done, and recommended more protections, but the law hasn’t been updated based on the findings... "


The governor is quoted as commending Antero's project. But a quick check shows me that among his campaign donors were the President and CFO of Antero, Glen Warren Jr; Paul Rady (Chairman and CEO); his wife Katy; the Senior Vice President Steven Woodward...