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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018


Women’s issues

Emotional Abuse of Children in WV

Sexual and physical abuse had to occur at the same time to have the same effect as psychological abuse alone on behavioral issues at school, attachment problems and self-injurious behaviors, the research found.

Equal Pay

How do you go about changing the status quo that shows women make less than 80% of what men do, for the same work?

Anti-abortion? Let’s talk.

As a society, we're stuck on labels. Are you pro-choice, or pro-life? Does it have to be one or the other--for everyone? Most people fall somewhere in between.

Parental Rights

You don’t need to have any experience with family law to become a family court judge in WV. You can run if you’re a bankruptcy lawyer. The WV Family Court system is a ghastly mess.

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