Holler from the Hollers!

Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018


Constitutional rights

We must fight to protect our rights: whether property rights, civil rights, parental rights, or first amendment rights. West Virginia should be a state where we can enjoy our substantial personal liberties.

I was dragged out of the WV House Chambers because I listed Delegates’ campaign donors.

Allow me to point out that if Delegates genuinely think that my talking about who their campaign donors are---and how much they're receiving from corporate lobbyists/corporate PACs---is an ad hominem attack... then they should be refusing those donations.

Civil Rights for All

In this district, we love one another, and I will always stand for that.

Forced Pooling is back

WV's forced pooling bills of 2017 propose a real-life game of Othello. Only regular folks don't get any pieces.

Parental Rights

You don’t need to have any experience with family law to become a family court judge in WV. You can run if you’re a bankruptcy lawyer. The WV Family Court system is a ghastly mess.

WV<3 guns

WV has a long tradition of gun ownership and hunting, which I support. Target shooting is fun. Venison is delicious. And there’s something about being able to harvest food from your own land that is both beautiful and satisfying...

Property Rights

The poorest man may in his cottage bid defiance to all the forces of the Crown...