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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018


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WV’s State of the State: More Manure from Jim Justice

Jim Justice particularly seems to think his position is equivalent to that of glorified gubernatorial prop comic: cow patties, flashing lights, hatchet, and tackle box are all on hand for the show. Plans to help regular people? Not so much.

Dear West Virginians, I Double Dog Dare You (Open letter)

It helps corporations to have their bought political mouthpieces incite regular folks to blame the other party, whichever "other" party that might be. That's because the constant bitter fighting keeps people from being able to recognize and process who's really calling the shots. The distraction allows more and more of our money to be funneled to already-wealthy corporate execs.

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Dear Dirty Joe Manchin – Open Letter

I have a proposal for you, Dirty Joe. Are you willing to take the reasonable step of fighting for #MedicareForAll? Supporting the progressive WV State Democratic Platform? Fighting eminent domain for private gain...?

Open letter: Screw You, Frank Rich.

You wrote,"Let them reap the consequences... until the industrial poisons left unregulated by their favored politicians finish them off altogether."

Dear Washington Post—With Love, from a West Virginian

Our self-interested politicians repeat industry talking points ad infinitum, ad nauseum. Then, editors, you print those talking points, as if they are somehow truer when they emerge from the mouth of a politician dependent on industry money for his or her job than they are when they come directly from the industry.