Holler from the Hollers!

Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018



CTA: Tell Jim Justice “Hands off our property rights!”

Tell Jim Justice: "No forced pooling, no matter how you brand it: Hands off our property rights!" Phone Jim Justice’s office: 304-558-2000 OR Write Jim Justice a message (click here) OR BOTH!

West Virginia of Our Dreams

We could be a state of gurgling trout fishing streams, clean swimming holes, and vast nature and hunting preserves. We have so many hiking, biking, riding, and cross-country skiing opportunities that, given this state's natural beauty, we should be a top vacation destination. Plus, we can foster real opportunities that will improve WV in the long term.

Cancer Creek, WV

So keep this in mind: at heart this seems to be a political move on Huffman's part. It's one that benefits us at this time, luckily. But this hasn't changed his mind about Cancer Creek. You're likely to see these proposals again...

Why the WV DEP is failing WVians

They're having a tea party and serving us cups of air, telling us we're not really thirsty. They seem to be more concerned with saying the right things than with doing the right things...

WV #WokeAF and Angry

Seven steps to fight for WV that you must take NOW. Ignore the wave of populist anger at your peril.

The Party of Dirty Tricks

Which is the party of dirty tricks here in WV? Both, sadly. But the latest example comes from my own party, via WV State Democratic Party chair Belinda Biafore.

Green Mansions in WV

WV DEP Secretary Randy Huffman actually admitted: "If I start pounding my fist, it is going to be a fruitless effort. I would become ineffective. There are too many entities at play in Charleston. If I did that, they’d laugh me out of the capitol building. It would limit my effectiveness.”