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Lissa Lucas – WV House – 2018



Curious about what people think about the WV budget or the WV legislature? Here is where you’ll find reader polls.

Poll: Why did YOU vote against the Justice Road Bond?

Holler from the Hollers! Take the poll and then see the results.

POLL: Which Holler from the Hollers tee shirt design should we get?

Help us out, and vote for your favorite "Holler from the Hollers!" tee shirt design. My team likes BOTH designs... but we can only get one.

Poll: How to Fix the WV Budget

I'll share my own thoughts on the budget, but I invite you to take the poll and share your thoughts. Would you legalize #cannabis to help fix the budget? What else would you do?

POLL: Vote for the Worst WV Legislators this Session

Who are the worst WV legislators from the 2017 session? Vote, then view the results.