We’ve been getting LOTS of requests for yard signs—and we just got word that they have been shipped and they’re on their way! They’re two-sided, two-color yard signs, union printed on recyclable coroplast. The first side is shown above.

Here’s the other side:


What we want to emphasize with the “We Love Our Neighbors” message on the sign is that we’re all in this together. We don’t care what party our neighbors are in, or who they voted for in the last election.

Can you imagine the experience of a stranger driving through beautiful Ritchie and Pleasants counties, seeing all these cheery little signs proclaiming our love for our neighbors and our communities?

If you’re in this district—District 7 (Ritchie, Pleasants)—sign up below for a free yard sign. You’ll get one as long as supplies last!

Lissa Lucas yard signs are free

The Lissa Lucas yard signs are completely free to the folks who live here in this district. In fact, I’ll even drive out and deliver the signs myself.

I’ve never run for office this before, so I’ll be honest: I don’t know if personal delivery is tenable, or what to expect in terms of demand. That means that if I get too many requests all at once to get the signs delivered in a timely fashion, I’ll have to have a volunteer get one to you, or in some cases, we may see if a local citizen or business owner would like to keep some on hand for local pick-up.

We’ll work it out. So sign up!

Bring me my Lissa Lucas yard sign!



Once you’ve submitted your request, I’ll call or email within a few days to arrange delivery—so do make sure you submit the contact information you’d like me to use to get in touch with you.

If I can’t get in touch, I can’t deliver your sign!

Mini Lissa Lucas Billboards

We’ll also have a small number of LARGE 8′ x 4′ signs of a similar design that will go along roadways, like mini billboards.


For these large signs, it’s the same design on both sides.

We’ve already identified some places to put these, and are looking for others along Route 74, Route 50, Old 50, Route 47, Route 31, Route 16, Route 2 (Pleasants Highway), and other main thoroughfares. If you have property along a highway or main road that would be a good place for a LARGE sign like this, please let me know in the “Note to Lissa” area, above.

What displaying a Lissa Lucas sign on your property means

We know we can work to make this a better place to live if we stand together. United we stand; divided we fall. We ALL deserve to have someone fighting for us, whether we live in a larger town, a small town with just a few people in it—or in a lonesome holler off by ourselves.

Sadly, most of our elected officials are working for their donors—not for us. That’s why so many members of the legislature fought so hard to hand our property rights to corporations. It’s why they fought tooth and nail against dedicating that last $6 million to teacher and public employee raises, claiming they had no money… while at the same time trying to hand corporations a $141 million tax break. These are skewed priorities.

But in this district, we’re going to stand up for the people who actually live here: we need to focus on fixing our crumbling roads, crumbling water systems, and crumbling sewer systems—and we need to bring good paying jobs to rural areas like ours.

That’s why we’re putting up these signs: Because we love our small communities, and we love our neighbors.