Let’s do this: let’s pressure our legislators to stop working for their donors. They should be working for The People. This is not a partisan issue. We’re ALL under attack.

If you only have a moment, please scroll down to the form below and send an email to every legislator who voted to pollute our waters. If you have a couple minutes more, take some time to read about how their ineptitude served to accidentally undo their malintent…

If you’ve been following the blog, you know that this year our legislators passed Cancer Creek legislation. This would allow A LOT more poisons to be released into WV streams—see below for just how much—even though EVERY stream in this state already has a fish consumption advisory, and WV also already has the second highest cancer rate in the nation.

  1. Cancer Creek passed the House. See which delegates voted for it.
  2. Cancer Creek passed the Senate. See which senators voted for it.
  3. Then the Governor signed it.

However, something—divine mercy, or magic, or luck (definitely some legislative ineptitude)—have somehow protected us from it for another year.

Because after Cancer Creek was signed into law, another rollback of water protections modified the same WV Code to remove even more protections. But what it did was change that Cancer Creek section BACK. So when the governor signed that one, it overrode the disastrous Cancer Creek changes.

Whoops! We accidentally protected you!

—-West Virginia Legislature

This is perfectly illustrative of how much legislators and our governor are paying attention to our water.

But we also know that accidental protection is not something we can count on as we go forward. I told you last year, they’d bring Cancer Creek back in 2017, and they did. I’m telling you now: They will bring it back again next session. Because they get big campaign donations to do so. Look your rep up here (then keep clicking through to see PDFs of their campaign finance reports).

So let’s TELL the legislators who voted for this “WE SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING—and we won’t let you do something like this  to us without repercussion!”

Send an email to every WV senator and WV delegate who voted for Cancer Creek.


In case you were wondering:

How Much More Poison Cancer Creek Could Allow

  1. For Morgantown, #CancerCreek would mean almost 10 times as many carcinogens and other toxins could be released into the Monongahela River.
  2. At Charleston, that change allows a 12-fold increase in toxins dumped into the Kanawha River.
  3. In Parkersburg, it would permit 21 times more poisons to be unloaded into the Little Kanawha.
  4. For little Cairo here in Ritchie County,  38 times the number of chemicals and toxins could be discharged into the Hughes.

See how to figure out how much could be going into your local creek or stream.

Your email will go to every WV legislator who voted for Cancer Creek; I’ll also receive a copy. If you’d like to allow me to quote your letter in future posts, comment below to give your permission.

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