WV has a long tradition of gun ownership and hunting, which I support. Target shooting is fun. Venison is delicious. And there’s something about being able to harvest food from your own land that is both beautiful and satisfying.

That said, the Constitution guarantees us many rights, but it does not prioritize ownership of firearms for terrorists or mentally unbalanced people over other important rights for everyone, such as the most basic right: the right to life. The second amendment specifically calls for a well-regulated militia. So let’s use a little common sense, shall we? We can love guns and also want to assure they’re used responsibly.

We want it to be convenient for people to get guns. But people who are on the FBI’s no-fly list should be prohibited from gun ownership—obviously. If you’re too dangerous to even get on a plane, why allow you to buy unlimited numbers of high-capacity weapons, and loads of ammo? Should we allow mentally unbalanced people to do that? Of course not.

However, there must also be a due process of law available to people to restore their rights to bear arms, just as there is a due process of law available to people who have been arrested and wrongly accused of a crime. This is because we also have constitutional rights to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. When your liberty is erroneously taken away through wrongful arrest, there is a process. The same should go for your right to bear arms: there should be a process to challenge the loss.

There should be a simple way to get a license by showing you understand basic safe handling, as well as how to load, fire, store, and clean your firearms safely. I’d love to see publicly funded gun handling classes to make it easy for people to learn. Gun ownership should be treated much like the licensing of drivers.

Makes sense. Can we use sense?